Paul Edalat is Gay

Newport Beach’s #1 fraudster is Paul Edalat. Join us as we explore the extravagantly gay and fraudulent life of Paul Edalat.

Not written by Paul Edalat.

Inspired by Paul Edalat.

So Gay

Do you ever wonder why I am overly masculine and put lions all over my social media? What am I overcompensating for? @pauledalat

Theater of Operations

I will scam anyone, anytime, anywhere. But I like old rich guys in Orange County the most. Call it, “Daddy Issues”. Is it because I’m short?

Total Con-Man

I like to steal for a living. I’m just sitting in here so you think I’m rich.

My Friend David Heath

This is my new friend David Heath. He is a reporter at USA Today who exposed my latest fraud producing fake COVID-19 tests. Your health is not my concern. Read more about it from David. Side note, I’m suing David and USA Today for $500,000,000.00 because they told the truth. And the FDA just banned my sham company Vivera from selling the fake kits.

“I’m tough on the outside but it’s all fake. I’m really a big pussy. It’s part of being a coward and a fraud.”

– Paul Edalat

When I spy an older dude at Pelican Hill, the first thing I think of is what it would be like to get him in the sack. Those thoughts quickly subside to the real action though. Like a lion (or pussycat) on the prowl, I want to devour anything in my path. The easiest targets are rich older dudes and it’s not just for their money.

Light reading for gay guys. Would you call me a metro-sexual?

The fraud goes like this. I flaunt my stolen wealth at places like Pelican Hill and other showy spots in Newport Beach. I get to know dudes and they know other dudes. Eventually I find the right target. Old, white, and rich. I show him my Instagram photos most of which are me flexing my biceps. The old guys seem to like that. I also throw in a couple of extra shots, some unshaven, some with baseball hats. But most of all, sunglasses. It shows how tough, mysterious, and bourgeois I am. It also helps to hide my lying eyes.

Sprinkle in a dash of stolen high end vehicles and the ruse is complete.

To top it off, I do what I do best. I use my family members as part of the fraud. Think of them as props. My favorite prop is mom. I love to post pictures of mom on my social media to tell the world how much I love her. It shows my soft tender side (which is my normal, non-fake side). But most importantly, it sucks the old men right in so they trust me even more. I would show you my sister Farah’s photos as well, but she has an eating disorder and crimps my style (she’s really fat if you were wondering, I mean a total supersized BBW). You gotta stay thin in The OC. Image is everything.

Shhhhhhh, mom doesn’t know I steal for a living. Let’s keep this secret between just you and me.

After I have bagged the old rich guys with my awesome photos, I show them a good meal, take them around in my stolen Rolls, and I appeal to their egos. Every old rich guy has an ego and I am willing to, “stroke it” any chance I can get. After I have pulled them into my grasp, the con is almost complete.

More men…I mean suckers.

Next I show them some fake paperwork. My favorite is this BS patent out of Canada.

Total fake and you fell for it.

The Canadian patent is laughable and no one ever asks me why I don’t have a patent in the USA. That’s because everything I produce is a SCAM and the US authorities would figure it out in a second. Suckers!

I also like to introduce famous people into the mix that I pretend to know. Kind of like this recent dupe ex-mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who stopped by my office. Between you and me, I didn’t even know who he was until he stopped by.

Two losers together at last. And someone shorter than Paul. Who knew you could find that? Do you think the ex-Mayor knows Vivera was just banned by the FDA?

After I have my meat hooks in them the work really starts. I employ my second secret weapon. Olivia Karpinski. She’s like me. A total fraud. After mom, Olivia is my greatest prop and a total mule. She runs around and does my dirty work.

Hot, but not. Edalat isn’t into her at all. But the men, Paul loves the men.

Olivia is the pretty face of the operation if you’re into women. Which I’m not. She distracts the old rich guys so I can work behind the curtain at stealing their money. Karpinski also takes out the trash, does my laundry, irons my shirts, lies, and otherwise is useless. I pay her shit but that’s because she’s not that smart. Which is why I can get her to do pretty much anything illegal I want. But that’s what often happens when you’re pretty (sort of).

I also have a money person. In this case it’s a woman named Nichole Fletcher. Nichole lives in my house. We don’t have sex because I’m not into women. Nichole hides all of my stolen cash. I keep her locked up like a mushroom in my house. Cold, dark, and smells like s*&t if you know what I mean.

Nichole Fletcher loves to live in the dark. She’s good at money laundering too.

After introducing the full cast of characters (props), I open the final fraud playbook. I integrate myself into the rich old man’s company. I start to take control in various ways. Sometimes it’s control over the property, sometimes the people, sometimes the money. It all depends on the old man. But after I’m in deep, I push a couple of innocuous looking contracts towards the old man. Don’t worry old man I say, it’s nothing big, just sign right here.

Newport Beach is my oyster. Look at all those hot, rich, old, men down there.

And then it’s done. Usually with the stroke of a pen, the company becomes mine. The race starts because I have to steal as much money and product as I can before the old man figures out, which is usually pretty quick. I can usually get away with millions though before they figure it out and by that time I employ my final weapon.

That final weapon you ask? A lawsuit. That’s right, what I just did to them, I file the lawsuit and accuse them of doing to me. Absolutely brilliant. I mean, I must be the smartest person on the Earth. I have stolen millions of dollars from rich old men and I get away with it each and every time. No one can touch me. The old men can’t. Local law enforcement can’t.

And really I saved the best for last. When everything else has failed, I resort to old fashioned threats. In fact, I am so good at threats I thought I would post one of my best examples to date. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you a Paul Edalat threat special.

Click to view my threats

This is by far the best thing I have produced to illustrate how horrible I am. If you haven’t read every page, you are completely missing out.

I’m a smart attorney. But not as smart as Paul. Paul is ripping me off right now just like all of the other attorneys Paul has stolen from. I’ll never get paid, especially when Paul is in jail.

Here is another fun fact. I screw over my attorneys as well. My current attorney Oren Bitan has to be as stupid as Olivia. That idiot is working for free. Every attorney I’ve had I have ripped off. Not one dime paid to any of them. All of these attorneys have over-inflated egos and I tap into that weakness so easily. It’s almost too easy.

And in a stunning, yet expected turn of events, my current attorney in Las Vegas, Oganna M. Brown just told the court she has to get off of my case out there in Nevada. Why? Because I’m not paying my bills. Duh. Oganna said in her filing, “Continued representation of Edalat will result in an unreasonable financial burden on the firm…” Oren are you listening?

And the Feds?

I hate to be rude, but fuck the Feds. They couldn’t catch me even if they tried. The Feds are the laziest most incompetent bastards to have ever set foot on the planet. They will never get me. Never. Go ahead, give it your best shot. And the IRS you ask? You can’t get me for tax evasion if I’m stealing all of the money. Total losers.

Quick update as well. The heat is really starting to pile up on me these days. In one of my most irrational moves to date, I am suing USA Today for the true…I mean false, article they wrote about me selling fake COVID-19 test kits. So add that to my playbook as well. If a multi-million dollar newspaper with editors, lawyers, and fact-checkers says I am shady, they are probably wrong and I’ll sue them too.

Add this one to the playbook as well while you’re at it. Bold, yet stupid. Maybe the lies and theft are finally getting to you Paul.


July 7, 2020 – Since my tribute site has gone live the response has been amazing. Thousands of hits. The lawsuits page is getting amazing views. So much so I’ve had to shut down my Instagram and Twitter accounts. To all of the men in my life, I’m sorry. I’m sure I will be back to posting more flexing, sunglasses photos, and men, big manly men, soon.

So sad, no more men.
The lion means I’m a big pussy. But you knew that already.

July 8, 2020 – Thanks to the true haters who are sending in tips to this website, I have 5 more court cases to add to my list of losses or soon to be losses.

Even better the FDA decided to shut my shame company Vivera down with our fake COVID-19 test kits.

Head over to the FDA’s website and read all about it. Don’t forget to scroll down to see my sham company listed as a fraud. Like everything else I do.

For the rest of you out there who want to know more about me, I have taken the liberty of posting my 45 plus lawsuits and 4 bankruptcies. I also threw one lawsuit in from my fat sister Farah just for fun.

July 10, 2020 – The tips keep rolling in. Just added a new section called, Paul Edalat’s Small Claims to Fame. I’m getting pretty good at this. There are about 20 small claims cases I have filed over the years.

Next week I have several more juicy cases I forgot all about. One in particular is really going to show what I’m all about. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

July 13, 2020Just as promised I posted me in action when I threaten and terrorize my attorney and his family. Oren are you paying attention (he’s my current attorney)? If you mess with me Oren, this is what you will get in return. Oh, and Oren, I have some more surprises coming your way this week as well.

July 14, 2020 – I promised my attorney Oren I would post something fun for him today. Here it is. It looks like Oren’s boss Adam Bass, who happens to be the CEO of Oren’s law office, Buchalter Law Firm, hired scam artist William “Rick” Singer to get Adam’s daughter into Tulane University. Tulane gladly accepted Bass’ daughter because her application stated she was African American. All that would be well and fine, but for the fact Bass and his daughter are white.

Adam Bass says, “No African Americans here.”

Now Bass denied any knowledge of what Singer did of course, but let’s not forget, Singer was the go-to in the white privilege societies to get the most affluent into the colleges of their choice. Can I really believe Bass and his denials he didn’t know what Singer was doing? Not really, I would have done the same. And I especially don’t believe Bass because his law firm was sleazy enough to represent me. I am truly the smartest, most manly, most non-gay man in the world.

What will tomorrow bring…I am wondering if I should start a new twitter account since I trashed my old one to spread the word of how awesome I am?

July 15, 2020 – Well once again I have been rather busy and none of it has been good for me. You can’t say I don’t try. In my latest blunder I decided it would be a good idea to do a denial of service attack on this wonderful website. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s when you bombard a website with fake hits to either slow it down or drop it all together. I was so worried about the civil harassment order showing up I thought it would be a good idea to try the denial of service attack.

I should let you know, when you search Paul Edalat on Google, this glorious website was on page 5. Pretty well buried if you ask me. So these are the site statistics when I was doing the denial of service attack.

That solid blue area from 12 am to 3 am is all me. The other lines are regular traffic.

Due to my brilliance I accomplished something miraculous. Now, is on page 1 of Google when you search my name.


I did a Google search and found a Latin American talk show, who had an employee of mine on the show to talk about what I did.

August 3, 2020 – Well helllllloooooo boys. It’s been awhile since I posted. I tried my hand at hacking and learned how to drop my own site using shitty Chinese hackers. You get what you pay for. Cheap, shitty, hacking that can be undone so easily. During the down time I started a new Twitter account to show off the site once it came back online.

Come on into the pool boys, the water is nice and warm.

October 20, 2020 – Hello my darlings. Someone has been generous enough to upload videos of some slimy pussy. No, not THOSE kinds of videos, you silly geese. Here they are:

Paul, we just want you to know - no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, we will NEVER stop. Everyone in the world (including those in Iran) needs to know what you are all about.

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